Heptio Sonobuoy Scanner

Sonobuoy Scanner provides a browser-based interface to help you install and run Sonobuoy, Heptio's diagnostic tool for running Kubernetes conformance tests. Sonobuoy Scanner gives you the Sonobuoy command to run, and then automatically reports whether the tests succeed. If any tests fail, you can then examine the logs, troubleshoot, and re-scan.


Sonobuoy provides vendor-agnostic conformance tests to let you test any cluster independent of your applications. Kubernetes end-to-end conformance tests check that the required APIs for your application deployment are supported by your cluster.


You must run the kubectl apply command for Sonobuoy as an admin user.
Your cluster must have the appropriate RBAC ClusterRole and ClusterRoleBinding configured. By default, the Sonobuoy YAML includes the required RBAC configurations. If they are already configured, select the checkbox to remove them from the YAML before you run the command.
Your firewall settings must allow Sonobuoy to communicate with your cluster.
NOTE: Tests can take up to 180 minutes to complete.

To learn more about Kubernetes software conformance, check out the CNCF's overview or the Kubernetes Conformance Working Group.